Home Visits / Domiciliary Service

Home visits are appointments which are made when a patient requires podiatry treatment in their own home. We offer patients within the Kirklees area and bordering areas who cannot attend an appointment in one of our clinics due to factors such as limited mobility, limited access to transport or limited time.

Who would benefit from a home visit?

Anybody requiring podiatry treatment can request a home visit, there does not need to be a specific clinical problem, however some patients will benefit from this service more than others. Some patient groups who may benefit from podiatry home visits include;

  • Patients with restricted mobility
  • Individuals with don’t have access to transport
  • Patients who are bedbound
  • Younger patients who have better compliance to treatments at home
  • We can also provide treatment in residential and nursing homes.

Nursing & residential Care

We are passionate about providing quality care in the comfort of your home, our team have a wealth of experience working with patients to ensure they feel comfortable when receiving their treatment. We aim to build trust and a positive patient centred relationship. All of our Podiatrists are registered with the Health & Care Professionals Council. Please call the clinic to discuss organising our team to visit your Nursing or Residential home, as well as individual visits we can also send a team to do a group booking every 8-12 weeks, as required. 

Contact Us

To arrange an appointment for a home/care home visit or to discuss your options please email [email protected] or call 01484 846 275