Thick Nails; Onychauxis

We are asked regularly how to manage thick toenails. Here we talk a little more about how to manage this better.
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winter feet

Winter Feet; Chilblains

We frequently see chilblains through winter, so we thought we could give a little more information about the condition and what to do.
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New Website Live

We have been working behind the scenes on our new website with our online marketing partners DTF Digital. DTF Digital have worked hard to transform the …
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‘Thought’ Sustainable Sock

Our latest product in clinic that we want to blog about is the ‘Thought Sustainable Socks’. These eco-friendly socks are ridiculously comfy, durable and come in …
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A new foot in the door

Officially becoming a new graduate Podiatrist straight out of university can be daunting just as much as it is exciting. I think I can speak for …
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Plantar Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis Often referred to as Plantar Fasciitis, this diagnosis is the most common cause of heel pain and usually occurs gradually. This condition effects 1 in 10 …
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