Toenail Reconstruction

In the run up to the summer months, we get an influx of toenail reconstruction enquiries. Understandably, you want your feet to be sandal ready for your holidays.

What is reconstruction?

This is ordinarily a cosmetic solution to traumatised or fungal nails. The technique uses a specialist gel to build a nail that is more aesthetically pleasing. We use a method of reconstruction called LCN (light cured nail). This uses light-cured resin to bond the artificial nail to the nail bed.

Many people can benefit from reconstruction including patients who struggle with the following:

  • Fungal Nail
  • Thick & discoloured nails
  • Cracked/thin nails
  • Traumatised nails
  • Nails with abnormal shape/growth
  • Runners or sports people who experience regular high impact to their nails

Benefits of LCN

– Improve appearance: the obvious benefit is that the patient leaves knowing they can feel confident wearing sandals or open toe shoes.
– Nail strength: LCN can improve the strength and durability of the patients nails. This helps protect the nail bed, reducing the risk of infection and pain.
– Nail health: because the artificial nail is applied to the natural nail bed, this allows for better circulation and oxygenation of the nail. It doesn’t affect the natural nail growth either!

Next steps…

If you are interested in reconstruction, we recommend you contact the clinic directly to discuss. They will ask for an image of your nails to determine your suitability.

Depending on each individual patient the reconstruction can last up to 8 weeks.

Reconstruction appointments include the preparation of the affected nail. Patients are given the option to upgrade their appointment to include routine podiatry or Dr’s Remedy nail polish.

We recommend contacting the practice to discuss toenail reconstruction.