What a difference Hot Paraffin Wax can make

We get many patients saying to us “I just can’t believe the difference you have made” or “I never knew there was that much hard skin on my feet, they feel so much better now”. Sometimes looking after our feet falls to the bottom of the priority list. This example shows exactly why it should go straight to the top! Our feet take the brunt of our day to day activities and we think they deserve a bit of TLC!

You can see in the before pictures that deep cracks have started to form. These are called fissures and if left untreated can become very painful and lead to an open wound. We recommend using a good, quality foot cream on a daily basis to prevent this build up and of course, a regular visit to your local Podiatrist! Our routine appointments take care of hard skin/corns/toe nail cutting along with many other foot related problems. We also offer the option to add on Hot Paraffin Wax treatment for the ultimate results, leaving your feet feeling smooth and hydrated.

Following your routine care, your feet are prepared and massaged with Prendē nourishing oil. Following this, the heated paraffin wax is brushed onto your feet, focusing more on any problematic areas. Many describe this treatments as a ‘facial for feet’. Along with the cosmetic benefits, the Orb Hot Paraffin Wax treatment promotes good circulation. We advise this treatment for any patients who suffer with aching joints. It is also great for conditions such as Arthritis, Bursitis, Chilblains and Join inflammation.

This treatment is also part of our full Podicure which, includes the application of Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail polish collection. If you would like to book either of these treatments, you can do so using our book online feature. You can choose from any of our locations.

We look forward to treating your feet and welcoming you to clinic soon!