SWIFT – a patient experience

Working in clinic should have some perks, right!? Well kind of in this instance! … During my routine podiatry & hot paraffin wax treatment (which I’d highly recommend for a pamper), it was brought to my attention that what I assumed to be a corn was in fact a verruca. This little thing had been bothering me for a couple of years and was unsightly.. Matthew discussed SWIFT microwave therapy with me and although it was a small lesion I decided I wanted to get rid of it! Being a team player I agreed to have this treatment during our team training and share my experience with you.

I have seen many success stories from our clinics with this treatment, and I was intrigued to have this treatment done for myself. The protocol is simple; 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. Follow this with a review 12 weeks later – and this can be lessened should my immune system react quicker. Matthew explained that for me to get the most out of the treatment that I should plan for a minimum of 3 appointments. With all this in mind, I decided to go ahead and get the treatment underway!

As we were also using this as an opportunity for our Podiatrists to train and share good practice. Matthew walked me through the treatment and explained thoroughly before we started. The treatment itself is simple, 10 seconds of heat application direct to the lesion with a single use tip – two seconds on, two seconds off. I braced myself as I know it gets hot, I have heard some yelps comes from the clinic room before!

I really can see why we have such a good success rate as it is quick, easy and effective and the pain is not long lasting.

Jasmine Roebuck

Now… I can’t say it was rainbows and unicorns, but it is a small amount of pain with no real after effects. The first few applications don’t have much feeling however the last one you can really feel the heat. The best way I could describe it is; if you touched a freshly boiled kettle it would be very hot. The difference being when you remove your finger there is no pain there. I really can see why we have such a good success rate. It is quick, easy and effective and the pain is not long lasting.

Hopefully my second and third treatment go as well as the first, I will keep you updated with progress!

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