‘Thought’ Sustainable Sock

Our latest product in clinic that we want to blog about is the ‘Thought Sustainable Socks’. These eco-friendly socks are ridiculously comfy, durable and come in loads of different colours and patterns. Perfect for everyone!Made of incredibly soft bamboo and organic cotton blend, these sustainable socks are breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static, so your feet (and the planet) stay happy and healthy. Bamboo has antibacterial properties due an antimicrobial bio-agent called “bamboo kun”, which is found naturally in the fibre. Bamboo fibres drastically reduce foot odour.Part of the ‘thought’ philosophy is to use natural, organic and recycled fabrics. It takes more time and consideration to use these sustainable fabrics, but as a result helps lower the impact on the planet.Bamboo learns quick, cooling you down or warming you up. It’s silky soft to touch and it’s just as gentle on the environment too; growing fast and using minimal resources.

As we have previously stated, Bamboo is a gentle fabric that is extremely soft to the touch, which what makes ‘thought’ socks ideal for Diabetics and people with sensitive skin.

The main advantages of this product –

• Safe For Diabetics

• Vegan Friendly

• Aids Circulatory Problems

• Soft, Gentle Fabric Ideal For Diabetics

• Keeps Feet Warm in Winter & Cool in the Summer

• Naturally Antibacterial & Anti-fungal

• No Artificial Chemicals

• Gently cushioning

• Reinforced toe and heel seams

With the festive season imminent, we are now stocking a wide range of Christmas designs ideal for any stocking.

So, wave goodbye to rubbing, chafing and discomfort. Bamboo socks help your foot stay dry and reduce the risk of fungus on skin and toenails, whilst the varied designs keep you ahead of the trend.