‘You Paint Nails?’ – Cosmetic Podiatry – What is it all about?

If someone would have told me 13 years ago, when I graduated from University with a PODIATRY degree that I would be painting toenails I would have laughed……. BUT …….. since introducing ‘Cosmetic Podiatry’ or as we refer to it on our website as ‘treat your feet’ into the practice, the demand for these treatments has escalated and dramatically increased year upon year.

Following an initial trial period of the Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care collection we quickly discovered that this nail polish was not only going to be a successful retail product but a medically researched product that we could offer and therefore integrate into a treatment plan.

Through careful consideration and internal research among our existing client base, we found that a high proportion of patients wanted that little extra from their Podiatry treatment and as a result we introduced a range of treatments to supply this demand.

Initially, we were obviously very sceptical about introducing a beauty product, such as nail polish into the Podiatry practice, but we could not ignore the demand from our patient’s and since then, to say we have never looked back is a complete understatement.

We appreciate that women still enjoy wearing nail polish on their toenails and as current, up to date medical practitioners it is our duty as Podiatrists to educate and encourage our patient’s to use the most appropriate products. The Dr.’s Remedy collection does not contain any of the harsh chemicals that are found in alternative nail polish collections, which in turn can cause nails to turn discoloured and brittle, but instead a blend of ingredients such as wheat protein, tea tree oil and lavender. We are therefore confident as Podiatrists to not only retail this product but applying it as a stand alone treatment or combined as an add on to a routine Podiatry treatment or even to finish off one of our hour long, luxury medical pedicures.

We found that on numerous occasions, patient’s feedback on foot care they had previously experienced was that, although most of the time their Podiatrist made their feet feel better, aesthetically they still required more attention. On the other hand, if they had treatment with a beautician, the general consensus was that although their nails looked good the condition of their feet did not improve and were often left frustrated that there wasn’t a combination of the two disciplines.

AS A RESULT we added the hour long, luxury medical pedicure to our treatment list, which is THE perfect treatment, using the highest quality products combining both medical and beauty expertise, leaving your feet regenerated and elegantly finished.

 Treatments included within ‘Cosmetic Podiatry’ -:

  • Luxury File and Polish – Application of Dr.’s Remedy nail polish following a light file and shape to non –  problematic nails finished with a hot oil massage.
  •  Routine Podiatry & Dr.’s Remedy – Routine Podiatry treatment followed by the application of Dr.’s Remedy nail polish.
  • Routine Podiatry & Hot Paraffin Wax – Routine Podiatry treatment followed by the application of Hot Paraffin Wax using the single use Prende Orb system to rehydrate the skin.
  • Luxury Medical Pedicure – Routine Podiatry treatment followed by Hot Paraffin Wax and finished with the application of Dr.’s Remedy nail polish.
  • LCN Toenail Reconstruction – A short term, cosmetic procedure which improves the look of damaged, fungal or unsightly nail.