Orthotic Intervention – From the side line to the headlines

In January 2018 former professional Rugby League Referee and now amateur Rugby League player, Sam Ansell was assessed by one of our Podiatrists due to a number of ongoing injuries, which left him on the side lines rather than on the pitch therefore severely affecting his 2017 season.

Following a thorough biomechanical assessment, a pair of bespoke orthotics were manufactured from a precise cast of Sam’s feet and fitted into both his Rugby boots and everyday footwear. These orthotics are transferred from footwear to footwear to ensure that his feet are in the best functional position at all times.

Sam’s injuries to both his left hip and groin left him out of action and frustrated, as every time he tried to get back on the field of play the pain was chronic enough to prevent him from continuing.

Since then, Sam is coming to the end of a FULL and very successful Rugby league season, which has not only seen him injury free and enjoying his rugby again but has now gained him international honours, being selected in the England Lions Community Development Squad.

The full article is below and this is what Sam has had to say about both his recovery from injury and selection into the squad.


‘Throughout the years I have always struggled with injuries but more recently to my hips and groins, which has prevented me playing as much Rugby as I would have liked. Since getting checked out and wearing my insoles I have not missed a single game through injury compared to the 2017 season where it was a complete non – starter. I can’t believe how well the injuries have been managed as the insoles have not only allowed me to rehab and strengthen but helped me push on and play a full season in the NCL Premier division for Underbank Rangers. Not only that, I am currently the top try scorer in the Premier division and as a result this form has got me selected for the England Community Lions. I couldn’t have done it without my insoles.’

Sam later showed his appreciation through social media, thanking us for our input into the management of his injuries.

@UnderbankRL regular season completed! Great to finish @OfficialNCL top try scorer for the Prem! Thanks to @CV_Chiropody for keeping me fit and @RamsdensLLP for sponsoring me, play off time #rugbyleague #ncl #prem #playoffs pic.twitter.com/65GyEmsd1s

— Sam Ansell (@Ansell2002) September 10, 2018